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At Prima, our primary focus and expertise is developing web-based applications. We offer custom web applications, Content Management Systems and e-commerce solutions. With our magic technology, M#, we build your web applications dramatically faster with top quality.

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Look & Feel is certainly important for all web applications, but it's Quality of Build which will define sustainability and success of such systems. At Prima we use the industry's best patterns and practices plus the latest technologies to produce web applications with outstanding quality. We use our strong coding standards and mature technical architecture to ensure the solutions we develop will stand the test of time.

In completing over 20 web-based software projects we have learnt how users naturally think when using a web application. By putting a fanatical focus on "ease of use" we design the user interface of the applications in the way that the users will expect without having to think about it. This approach enables the users to benefit from what the application has to offer in the shortest amount of time possible. This way we make sure that the users will have a pleasant experience while using the application so that they use it more often.

We are proud to demonstrate our wealth of experience and quality of work in the many web applications that we have created to date. In our past projects we have designed and developed web-based systems of varying levels of complexity and target user types, from public facing BBC websites to back-office productivity tools for the SME community.

Our platform of choice for developing web applications is Microsoft ASP.NET. It is the most robust and feature-rich platform for the Windows operating system and is already being used for over 65% of software projects globally. Our developers have been programming with the .NET Framework and we have already developed over 20 successful projects with it.

You can hardly find any professional website nowadays with steady content over time. A Content Management System or CMS makes it easy for non-technical users to update the content of their website with zero or little knowledge of web technologies. There are two types of CMS systems, 1: Off-the-shelf and 2: Bespoke. Among the two, it's only a Bespoke CMS that can provide a truly dynamic, professional looking, yet easy to update website (get in touch to learn why). At Prima we develop Bespoke CMS-based websites for any client looking to have a robust, clean, flexible and functional website. Our own website is an example of a bespoke CMS we have designed for ourselves.

The visual look and feel of a website can go a long way in attracting the right customers. At Prima we understand the importance of this and work in partnership with a number of great graphic designers with extensive agency experience, both for large corporates and the SME community. You can see examples of our graphic design partners' work in this portfolio section.

Even though almost any CMS system claims to be usable by non-technical editors, but as a rule of thumb: With an off-the-shelf CMS, if you want to have consistent and professional website structure and content, you'll have to be technically trained. You'll also need to be very disciplined. A Bespoke CMS however, takes care of all tricky elements such as formatting, layouts, navigation, search boxes and forms. It presents you with very easy forms to fill in, and it will take care of everything else for you.

Most Off-the-shelf CMS systems proudly provide you with a large rich text editor. They argue that this gives you full flexibility. While their claim about flexibility is almost true, the main question is:
Do you really only want full flexibility ?
Or do you prefer reasonable flexibility + ease of use + consistency + professional look + functionality and impressive features ?
At Prima if clients wanted full flexibility at any cost, they could just as well learn a Web Development tool and build their website themselves... A Structured CMS however, provides you with fully structured, simple and straightforward forms and lists. You will use those tools to manage the content of your website as if you're managing your contacts in a CRM (or any other database application). The CMS system will then use that data to generate great looking website front-end.

Our website is an example of a Bespoke CMS we have designed for ourselves. If you're keen to have a similar concept for your own website, we'll be happy to demonstrate how it works and give you a proposal.

A bespoke e-commerce website helps companies to reach a bigger share of the market by making it easier for customers to make a buying decision. For designing each e-commerce solution, we analyse and understand the nature of the products and their target audience. We then design the navigation, user journeys, browse and product display elements in a way to maximise the website's conversion rate. Each product or service offering is unique and demands its own tailored online shop approach for optimum performance.

The ability to accept online payments is critical for any e-commerce website. There are various considerations to bear in mind while selecting the right approach and the right payment provider. That includes security, commission rates, support for recurring payments and support for international payments and multiple currencies. At Prima we have previous experience of integrating with all major online payment providers including RBS Worldpay, Paypal, Google Checkout, Sage Pay and Barclays.

Running an e-commerce website isn't just about the online shop front-end. Once the orders come through they need to be processed, managed, reported upon, tracked and so forth. With extensive experience in developing back-office automation software, dashboards and databases, we always design a unique and bespoke Control Panel for our e-commerce websites. Our clients can then use their control panels to manage products and categories, customers, orders, invoices and many other tasks in the easiest and most time-effective manner.

If you run an existing offline business and are planning to develop an ecommerce website to boost your sales, it makes sense to get the online shop to connect to your existing systems and applications. This can reduce your operational costs and streamline the order processing, stock management and customer support activities. At Prima we have extensive experience in systems integration and making different systems talk to each other automatically.

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