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At Prima, we offer a range of powerful software packages to increase the efficiency of your business. You can noticeably enhance your business productivity and efficiency by using our business-process-automation solutions, customer portals, database solutions and systems-integration services.

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Do you find it difficult finding the time to grow and develop your business because of all the mundane tasks you have to carry out on a daily basis? Many businesses waste a lot of time on trivial tasks that could easily be automated by a custom software package tailored to your business. This frees you and your team in order to carry out more valuable functions for your business; ultimately saving you both time and money. Get in touch today to arrange a personalised review of your team’s current activities and let us show you how much time our business automation services could save you.

Could your business processes be simplified in order to save you time? Imagine not having to skip between several applications, emails and spreadsheets every time you need to carry out a routine task or retrieve data. Using our Decision Support Systems makes it possible to dramatically simplify and speed up your business functions. Your system would process the data to ensure your team only have to deal with the relevant information for the task at hand. This simplifies decision making and enables tasks to be completed in a fraction of the former time. We'll be happy to review your team’s daily activities and propose what time saving solutions are possible for your business. Most of our clients have found that our systems make a huge difference in freeing up time for more productive use.

There is an incredible potential in Bespoke Software to improve the productivity of every employee in most organisations, particularly those which are service based or heavily information related. At Prima we can design bespoke systems around your specific operations that will automate a large percentage of your employees' tasks. Such solutions can increase the average productivity of each individual within your organisation by anything from 15% to 80%. This allows your business to carry out a lot more work with the same number of staff.

Humans are great at thinking creatively and out of the box. But they are not designed for completing routine tasks consistently and accurately every time. This problem is best solved using Custom Software that is designed specifically for your company, process, work flow and way of doing things. Our Business Automation solutions can help your company to eliminate duplications and inconsistencies. They can increase information accuracy and improve overall management of your organisation.

Having a strong business software infrastructure is viewed as a Great Advantage by the investors. They always look for reliable and low risk businesses that can operate with or without their founders and current management. Custom Software for Business Automation can reduce risks and increase transparency for all aspects of a business. Also in general it makes individuals replaceable (in a good way) and hence reduces the risks of staff loss. These benefits increase the value of a company. So if you are considering selling the business in short or long term, investing in business automation software can take you a long way.

The ability of databases to organise, process and manage information in a structured and controlled manner is key to many aspects of modern business efficiency. Many businesses use a mix of paper and ad-hoc files (usually Word and Excel files) to store and manage information related to different aspects of the business. Our team at Prima can design and develop a database to centralise and organise your information. With a web-based access and intelligent search and reporting tools, your information becomes available on-demand with zero delays.

While the database engine will do the back-end work such as storing data, creating backups and running queries, there needs to be a way for the users to interact with that data. A browser-based application (Web App) is usually the best means by which the users can read and write the information. It makes it easy to host and maintain the solution in a single place, rather than the PCs of every user. It also makes it possible to access the information from anywhere and at any time, provided that from a security point of view this is desirable for the organisation.

One of the key benefits of Databases is their ability to Make sense of the data. Through the power of reporting and dashboards you can make more informed decisions and also have real-time visibility to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Automated notifications (through SMS or Email) can watch for certain risks, actions or opportunities and inform the relevant people pro-actively and immediately for making the right actions.

Databases are extremely powerful and flexible when it comes to permissions and visibility. Not every user in a business is allowed access to all data. When we design a database for a client we work with the key decision makers (usually Directors or key managers) to design the right access to information depending on the role of each user in the organisation. The result is that while every employee will login to the same system (usually a web-application) each will see only what is relevant to him/her self.

With a custom CRM it is possible to develop a Secure Web Portal for your Customers. They can log-in, supply information, upload files, track the progress of their work, raise tickets and so forth. This solution can make a huge difference in your organisation's ability to listen to your customers and manage your interaction with them. It will make you look more professional, responsive and reputable. This leads to increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

With plenty of CRM packages out there, it might be difficult to choose the right one for your business... The point is, there might be none! Although there are many similarities between most businesses, but still each company is different in how it is run, what information it records and maintains, and how it manages and uses such information. Developing a Custom CRM specific to your company and your way of running the business may be the best approach to maximising staff productivity and customer satisfaction. It is also the only approach to breaking all limitations and reaching absolute flexibility.

No organisation exists only to manage their client relationships! Any company exists to provide some core Goods or Services, and to support that function, they need to do other tasks such as accounting, finance, client relationship management, support and so on. So the information held in a CRM system is logically related to information in other applications used to support other functions of the business. With a Bespoke CRM it is possible to automate the integration between CRM data with existing systems used for other aspects of the business including Production, Services Management, Finance and Accounting, Communications, ... With many years of experience in Systems Integration, at Prima we can design and develop a Custom CRM that integrates nicely with your existing applications.

Do you use various applications for the business that one way or another depend on each other's data? Systems Integration can eliminate many manual steps and actions that employees need to take, by automating the flow of information between software applications. By making your systems to talk directly together (using a range of technology solutions) we can help your company to become more efficient and less costly to run.

The work-flow for accomplishing key tasks in any business require multiple actions and usually involve multiple people and software systems. Through the power of Systems Integration it is possible to automate some or all of the steps in such work-flows. This can lead to considerable efficiency improvement. Using Automated Software instead of human staff for those tasks can increase accuracy of information and actions, reduce costs & time and reduce risks for the organisation.

At Prima we provide systems integration services by writing custom programs that bridge the gap between your existing systems. Effective Systems Integration can be a very challenging task due to potential inflexibility of existing applications. Our developers master the technologies used for getting different systems to talk to each other. These include XML, Web Services, WCF, CSV import/exports, custom APIs, HTTP gateways, remote procedure calls, Cross-domain AJAX, Serialisation and many more.

In many of our previous projects we have successfully delivered Systems Integration projects. Some have been standalone integration assignments, while some other have been systems integration as an element of a larger project. The experience gained from these projects enables us to accomplish new integration projects accurately very cost and time efficiently. Examples of the systems we have previously integrated with include:, Paypal, Barclay's payment gateway, Google Adwords, Google Maps, Google Products, Google Checkout, Iris CARE, RBS Worldpay, Sage Pay, Amazon APIs, various SMS providers, European Central Bank, eCredit, CreditSafe, American Express, Cybersource, Streamline, various RSS feeds, UPS and many more...

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