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  +  Does XIM Card SIM Card ever expire?

Yes, depending upon the product you buy. Please read the product description carefully to check SIM card life

  +  Is XIM a Prepaid Card.

Yes, this is a pre-paid service. You will need to buy TalkTime in advance in order to make calls. All call charge for calls and SMS messages will be deducted from your account when these services are used. If you run out of credit, all your services will cease to work. It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough credit before you travel.

  +  Can the person receiving my Calls see my mobile number.

This feature is determined solely by the network carrying your call in the country you are visiting. Most networks will display the caller’s number. However some may not and XIM Card cannot guarantee this.

  +  What Happen if I forget my mobile number?

Don\'t panic if you forget or lose your XIM Card mobile number. Enter your Global SIM in your handset enter PIN 10000 & Just dial 111 and you will get an immediate text (SMS) message from the network giving your mobile number.

  +  What is the currency for XIM Cards rates?

All your rates are set is INR by default unless you select any currency from the drop down menu visible at right top corner of the page.

  +  What Countries can I roam internationally

Check COVERAGE for the XIM Card product you have purchased on this website website and you will get a list of countries you can call from. Always check this list if you want to make sure you have coverage in the country your are traveling to.

  +  Are there frequent changes inthe international roaming list?

Please visit our website www.ximcard.in regularly as our coverage list keeps expanding,as we add more countries to our roaming list.


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Fantastic company and people to deal with
"Customer service staff was very helpful explained everything in depth. I was very happy with the service i received from XIM and have already recommended to other businesses."

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"I received a fantastic service from the staff who explained the features and benefits of a using XIM. I would definitely recommend this company to others.."

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