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Are you searching for a team who can implement your Software project, in a way that you will never have to start again? We use the best methods discovered by man for designing maintainable software, and then artistically implement that with care and passion.

Bespoke Application    Product Devlopment

We offer bespoke software design and development services to any organisation looking to make an improvement in one or multiple areas of their business. Bespoke software can solve the problems that no off-the-shelf package can. Also it is inherently in a position to provide the optimum solution since it is designed for a specific company and a specific need. At Prima we have developed many custom applications for our clients, each of which has made a big improvement in the business process it was aimed at.

Employees' time is usually the most expensive and valuable asset in any organisation. The concept of Bespoke Software offers a unique opportunity to maximise the productivity of your staff, like nothing else in the business world can. By automating all repetitive work, eliminating duplications and making relevant information readily available to the users, Bespoke Software enables your employees to efficiently accomplish the task they were really recruited for, and leave everything else for the machine.

Responding to change is the key to success. No living organisation remains the same and unchanged over to create Bespoke Software specifically around your requirements in a way that it can be easily changed and adapted over time. This will allow you to focus on finding the best to evolve the organisation or your business unit with the peace of mind that your software infrastructure can flexibly be adapted to work with your new methods.

We are proud to have successfully completed software product design and implementation for a number of our clients. If you have a novel idea and intend to develop a web-based software product to then sell and license to the others, then we look forward to be your implementation and support partner. Our expertise in Microsoft .NET and web-based system design makes us a reliable potential partner for design, development and maintenance of your product.

"Time to market" could be of critical importance in many sectors and for many software product ideas. Our unique RAD tool, Prima Coder, makes us practically the fastest developers of web-based database driven applications in the country (get in touch if you'd like to see proof). This can make us your fastest option to having your product ready to sell.

Software as a Service or SaaS is a term to describe modern software applications that are offered on the Internet and will be accessed via a browser as opposed to being installed on the user's PC. In this model a central scalable database and application farm will host the software in a data centre. Due to many advantages of this model it is now the approach of choice for majority of new software products. At Prima we are expert in designing and building reliable and flexible SaaS products.

Every software product needs to be maintained and updated to grow with the ever-growing expectations of its users. Even though initial development is very important, but what is also of vital importance is durability and long-term support and enhancements of the product. At Prima we realise the importance of this and offer our clients a reliable long-term support service. This enables you to focus your time and attention in being creative and defining new features and enhancements, knowing that your development partner will get them done painlessly.

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