In shadows when I remained, ‘ART’ drew me towards the light of existence and gave a new meaning to my being.

Painting came to me as a medium of expression of emotions that remained untold. Art to me,is a way of living life in harmony with one’s own-self. Creativity pulls me like a magnet towards itself and the passion keeps going, discovering new ends to life. Being an independent soul and a self taught artist, I myself try to capture every moment and freeze time in my paintings.

KRISHNA, is the symbol of love, and love means giving. Radha and Meera, both had an undying love for Krishna, but for both of them love means to let go. Similarly, in today’s day and age, we barely get time to express our love and pain to our beloved.

But, through my paintings I wish to capture every feeling the human mind goes through. I consider myself gifted to have the ability to express through art

" I am in a process of exploring my art  in a different way which is again close to my heart ......which gives me energy, power, courage, strength, Victory, Loyalty and Freedom in every sense of the word , mind, body and soul. Though i have been connected to The Divine Krishna since a long time and he has only been my inspiration. It is HE,who is guiding me through this path "

My preferred media are oil and acrylic though I do experiment with other mediums too.

The use of different techniques is prevalent in my work as this simplifies the language of my paintings.
An Insight
Born with an intrinsic talent and creativity, from a small town rourkela in Odissa, Rakhi Baid started her art journey through paintings with varied subjects and themes. She did her research on various techniques and styles. Her open mind and pragmatic outlook as well as experimental approach have resulted into rendering unique artistic standard to the work.

Her work mostly lays emphasis on spirituality and divinity. Her visual language which has been enriched over the years due to keen observation, use of various techniques and styles and artistic expressions has rendered divine look and the relevant sentimental feelings and expressions on the faces of characters. Also, the purity and dignity of eternal love, divinity and spiritual enlightenment have been very well incorporated into her work by showing apt emotions like love, spiritual enlightenment, compassion, togetherness and devotion etc. Various symbolic forms and iconic images in her work aptly display the emotions and divine sentiments of human psychology and the relevant mindscapes very effectively.

In her new series Tiltled as “KrishnAnsh”in which Baid has tried to explore all the horizons of unconditional love and divinity. These paintings are the perception of Radha and Krishna`s reminisces.

Ruupa Raman
Former Creative Producer - Editor - Design - Content Manager at voicesnviews
Name : Rakhi Baid

Date Of Birth : 15 August

Solo Exhibitions:
2014 : Show @CHITRAMAYEE STATE Art Gallery in Nov. Hyderabad
2013 : Show at Tanishq Showroom (TATA) in Nov.Mumbai
2013 : Show at Nehru Centre, AC Gallery In Sept, Mumbai
2012 : Show at JS Art Gallery in Dec.Mumbai
2011 : Artist Centre, Nov, Mumbai
2011 : Nehru Centre, Sep, Mumbai
2011 : Art Entrance, Jan, Kalaghoda, Mumbai
2010 : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai
2009 : Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Pune

2015 : Art For life show in Vedic Village @ Kolkotta.
2015 : Group show in Hindustan Hotel , Kolkotta
2015 : Colours” Show in Coomaraswamy Hall , Mumbai
2015 : participation in Globe Art Fair, DUBAI..
2015 : Group show of Women Artist @ Saina Gallery ,Pune
2014 : Group Exh Partcipating Solo @ India Art Festival ,Mumbai
2014 : Group show @ Kolkatta Gallery M,Oct 18 to 3rd Nov.
2014 : Group Show at Delhi , Hotel Fraser Suits , 1st - 7thSeptember
2014 : Group show at Jawahar Kal Kendra, Jaipur From 15th August
2014 : Group show at IFACS ,Delhi
2014 : Group show at Singapore Expo By Art info.
2013 : Art Info, Dubai, October 2013
2013 : Group Show at Lalit Kala by Mrigna at New Delhi From 1st Nov- To 7th 2013
2013 : Raipur MGM Museum By Colourentice
2013 : Goa, Sanskruti Bhavan By Colourentice
2013 : Visual Art Gallery Delhi, By Mrigna
2013 : Nagpur, Colourentice (Audi Showroom)
2013 : Coomarswamy Hall, Aks Art Gallery & P L Deshpande Hall, Mumbai
2012 : JS Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012 : Coomaraswamy Hall, By Aroma, Mumbai
2012 : Paint For Justice 2, Supreme Court in New Delhi
2012 : Paint For Justice 1, Nijh World Gallery AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi
2012 : JS Gallery Mumbai
2012 : Lalitkala Akademy Nijh World. New Delhi
2012 : Hyderabad, Diverse Expression Alankritha Art Gallery
2012 : Coimbatore, Hotel Residency, By White Shadow Gallery
2012 : Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, By Nijh World Art Gallery
2012 : Buddha Show, Aks Art Gallery, Andheri, Mumbai
2012 : New Delhi, Visual Art Gallery, Mrigna Group
2012 : Coomaraswamy Hall, Lotus, Mumbai
2012 : AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna
2012 : Alliance Art Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna
2011 : India Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2011 : Hyderabad, Alankhrita Art Gallery
2011 : Monsoon Show at Artist Centre, Mumbai
2011 : P L Deshpande By Airawat Art Gallery,Mumbai
2011 : Art Mall, New Delhi, The STREE 2011
2011 : Coomaraswamy Hall,,Lotus, Mumbai
2010 : The Elements “Artist Center”, Mumbai
2010 : Art Land, Mumbai
2010 : Art Entrance, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
2009 : Out Of The Blue In Bandra, Mumbai
2009 : Colours show “ Museum Art Gallery, By Art Land, Mumbai
2009 : The Leela Gallerie, Mumbai
2009 : Pune, Aperture India Art Gallery
2009 : Pavement Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 : Sejal Encasa, Mumbai
2008 : Moksh Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 : D. D. Neroy Art Gallery, The Divine Two Women Show, Mumbai

(All India Level, Jain Vishwa Bharti)
2003 : Visarjan
2004 : Swasth Pariwar
2005 : Jainatva Chitra
2009 : Save Girl Child

Member of Bombay Art Society
Member of Jehangir Art Gallery
Member of Artist Centre

Various Private Collections in India and Abroad (Dubai ,USA, London, Australia, Canada, Etc)

B/48, Nutan Abhishek, 2nd Cross Lane
Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri(west), Mumbai-53

E : [email protected]
W :
M : +91 9819775902 | +91 9833375902 ,32454105
" Be it Traditional or contemperory art – Lord Krishna offers endless inspiration .A feverent Krishna devotee, Rakhi Baid paints the god regularly using unique composition,yet always employing universally adopted Krishna motifs. Here, she focuses on Krishna eyes keeping watch over the world and all the elements , a word lit by his own creative energy. Krishna`s birthday is celebrated in this month .A Mumbai based self taught artist,Rakhi Baid is a native of Rourkela ,Odisha "
Reader`s Digest 
August 2012

" Krishna has two or more forms or images or perception about him –The Calm Inspiration and The Naughty Spoiler. Rakhi Baid's paintings reflect both characters and bring out the yearning of the devotee in all its glory.
Her paintings evoke a sense of mystique, lingering moments of introspection and inspiration, a deep spiritual resting point and a feeling of shunyata - the point where the creator and the created become one. Her use of colors and space makes for an outstanding impact on the connoisseur "
Managing Editor of Times of India, Mumbai (Supplements), Author, Personal Energy Management Consultant